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Scientific presentations will be either oral or by poster. All presentations will be given in English!

Oral presentation

Oral sessions include plenary talks, invited talks, keynote talks and topical sessions. It is highly recommended to use electronic presentation (i.e. Power Point or similar) for all talks. For this purpose, a projector is installed in every lecture room, as well as a switch for four laptops at a time. Please note that laptops cannot be provided, so you have to make sure to bring your own. It is furthermore advisable to have the files on a USB memory stick.
In case of technical problems like projector failure there is also an overhead projector available in every room. It is therefore recommended to bring also transparencies.

Checklist for oral presentations:
  • laptop
  • report as electronic file (memory stick)
  • report in transparencies

Presenting authors are asked to come to the respective lecture room before the session, to ensure that there is enough time for installing the laptop. All rooms are open 1 hour before the start of the session. Please check with the room attendant, whether everything is working properly.

Plenary talks are allocated 45 minutes (no discussion).
All invited speakers, please follow the instructions of the division.
General oral presentations will be 12 minutes long followed by a 3-minutes discussion.

Poster presentation

Authors are asked to mount their poster in the morning of the day of their session. Each poster has a number according to the scientific program, which corresponds to the number on the poster board.

Posters must fit within a rectangle 90 cm wide and 120 cm high (DIN A0), portrait format!

Please make sure to bring the necessary material for mounting the poster (only tape, no pins!).

The presenting authors should be at hand for discussion at their poster during at least half of the poster session and mark this time at the poster.

Please remove your poster directly after the session, otherwise it will be disposed of.
The conference management cannot assume liability!