Welcome to Dresden

Dresden is the capital of the state of Saxony and has a population of 490.000 inhabitants. It is situated on the river Elbe and can be considered as one of the greenest cities in Europe, with green spaces and recreation areas covering 63 per cent of its area. Due to its beautiful architecture and surrounding landscape, Dresden is often called “the Florence on the Elbe”, an expression revealing the charm of the city. Dresden came to prominence relatively late in Saxon history – not until 1485 did the electors choose this city for their principal residence. Dresden`s most glorious period, both in art and in architectural innovation, occurred from 1697 to 1763, when two electors of Saxony also served as kings of Poland, controlling one of Europe`s largest empires. The last monarch abdicated in 1918, and Saxony joined the modern German nation. Dresden was destroyed in the firestorms of the 13th -14th February allied bombardment in 1945. During this attack about 25,000 people died. After the war, the city was reconstructed. Even though Dresden today is a modern and lively city, it still kept the flair of the former Saxon residence. At the latest by 2006, in time for the city's 800 year jubilee, Dresden will have been restored to what it once was - a large city with a pulsating centre and one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

The 800 years old Baroque town and its surrounding is offering a wide varity of different sights e.g.
the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady)
the Zwinger
the Dresden Cathedral
the Semper Opera House
or the castles of Moritzburg, Meißen and Pillnitz
the Porcelain Manufactury in Meißen or
the beautiful landscape Sächsische Schweiz.

For more detailed information see also www.dresden.de.